Three prostitutes lean out of a window in Santiago, Chile, in an attempt to entice customers inside. (Photo by Three Lions/Getty Images). Circa 1950

Indian prostitutes stand in a doorway. (Photo by Terry Fincher/Express/Getty Images). 6th December 1964

Two prostitutes talking to a client on a Barcelona street corner. (Photo by Bert Hardy/Getty Images). 1951

Prostitutes entertaining a German officer in a brothel requisitioned for the use of Nazis. (Photo by Evans/Three Lions/Getty Images). Circa 1940

Licensed street prostitutes barter with customers through the windows of their brothels in Hamburg. (Photo by Bert Hardy/Getty Images). 1949

A group of men admire the photographs in the window of Swingland Sauna and Massage Parlour in Soho, London. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images). 1973

Two prostitutes lean out of the windows of a brothel in Soho, London. (Photo by Thurston Hopkins/Getty Images). 1956

Prostitutes still ply their trade under the glare of the street lamps, but the police are never far away. (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images). 30th October 1979

A client paying a prostitute at a brothel in Guatemala City, capital of Guatemala. (Photo by Evans/Three Lions/Getty Images). 1956

Prostitutes and their clients in the streets. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images). Circa 1960

A young actress who has come to New York to seek fame and fortune, offering her body to a client after resorting to prostitution to fund her way. (Photo by Vecchio/Three Lions/Getty Images). Circa 1955

Prostitutes lounge in the display window of a roadside brothel December 16, 2003 near Krimov, Czech Republic near the German border. Prostitution is big business in the Czech Republic along the border areas with Germany and Austria. (Photo Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Transexual prostitutes hang out on the streets waiting for business February 8, 2010 in Phnom Penh. Lax law enforcement and poverty have made Cambodia a prime destination for foreigners seeking s*x, especially with minors. But police working with social activists have stepped up efforts, and several foreigners are serving lengthy prison terms for underage s*x. While on a path to greater economic development, poverty is still widespread with 40 percent of the population living under the poverty line according to various UN agencies. (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

Transsexual prostitutes works the streets July 9, 2004 in Jakarta, Indonesia. (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

Lucy, a prostitute works the streets July 10, 2004 in Jakarta, Indonesia. (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

A policeman guards arrested prostitutes at the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau on November 23, 2005 in Chengdu of Sichuan Province, China. At least 17 prostitutes and whoremasters were arrested during a police operation in Chengdu. Authorities have launched campaigns to crack down on prostitutions in the city. According to state media, male and female prostitution, both of which are illegal in China, are nonetheless widespread. According to a draft guideline released by the Ministry of Health, prostitutes are being made the focus of the ministry's latest efforts to stem the spread of HIV/AIDS. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

Suspected criminals accused of dealing with s*x service including prostitution and organizing prostitution, cover their faces during a public sentence on November 29, 2006 in Shenzhen of Guangdong Province, China. The local authorities have launched a campaign to crack down on prostitution business. According to state media, male and female prostitution are widespread despite being illegal in China. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

A South Korean prostitute dressed in funeral robes, hold an anti-government rally in front of the Integrated Government Building on December 6 2004 in Seoul, South Korea. The South Korean government began enforcing new laws to target human traffickers, pimps and prostitutes. Protesters rallied to protest against the government's strengthened anti-s*x industry laws. (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)
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