Makeup Artist Laura Jenkinson Part 2

An inventive make-up artist has started using her chin as a canvas for unique paintings of popular cartoon characters. Using her own mouth as the teeth and lips of her subjects, stunning Laura Jenkinson, 25, paints around them using theatrical make-up to create the pint-sized portraits. Shrek, Finding Nemo’s Dory and the Genie from Aladdin have all featured in the series of incredible pictures that she has spent a year putting together. Her pictures have gone viral on facebook and Instagram where her posts regularly receive more than 1500 likes. Here, Bugs Bunny from “Looney Tunes” is depicted on Jenkinson. (Photo by Laura Jenkinson/Caters News)
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Laura Jenkinson, 25, a London makeup artist, has been using her chin and lips as a canvas for drawings of colorful cartoons. (Photo by Laura Jenkinson)
Laura Jenkinson
Makeup Artist Laura Jenkinson Part 2
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