Grandmother Tips

Vimeo has more quality, but YouTube has more content. Chacho Puebla, a creative director from Madrid is back with loads of social media tips from grandma. After receiving a lot of appreciation from the first version of 'Grandmother Tips' project, he decided to share some more valuable tips. "My grandmother's tips never end. Neither do my sister's photos, or help from my girlfriend, who never stops giving me ideas." shares Puebla.
Don’t think you’re a photographer just because you use Instagram. Don’t just Tweet for the sake of tweeting. Don’t trust all what you read and see on Wikipedia Don’t spend time on Google+. It’s like Facebook without your friends. Never ever let your partner know your password. Believe me. Never play World of Warcraft. It’s really, really, really addictive. Don’t buy an app that has an ugly logo. Chacho Puebla
Grandmother Tips
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