Large Set of Propagandistic Anti-Soviet Posters (1920 – 1980)

Propaganda is a form of communication aimed towards influencing the attitude of the community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of an argument. Propaganda statements may be partly false and partly true. Propaganda is usually repeated and dispersed over a wide variety of media in order to create the chosen result in audience attitudes. Wiki
Soviet Paradise (puller from the Nazi's propaganda exhibition) - Germany (1942) Bolshevism - it means to drown the world in the blood Germany (1919) Do you want this happens to your women and children? Protect them from the Bolsheviks! / Poland (1921) It is the Soviet puppet master who pulling strings of the French Popular Front (election poster) France (1936) Red bayonets against Europe. Spain - the first victim (cover of the magazine "Die Wehrmacht") Germany (1937) Red Storm over the countryside (movie poster) Germany (1941) Illustrations to war against the Soviet Union Netherlands (1941) Socialism against Bolshevism - for the sake of free Europe France (1941) Destruction of the Soviet barbarism will provide freedom and peace for Europe Netherlands (1941) For the freedom of nations Germany, for the occupied USSR territories (1941) Vinnitsa Germany, for the occupied USSR territories (1941) 3rd Reich and Europe defeat evil Bolshevik dragon (magazine cover of "Der Schulungsbrief") - Germany (1942) Get out of here! France (1942) Germany wins and Europe is free! Germany (1942) Front against the Bolsheviks. Whose side are you today? Denmark (1942) Communism is the enemy of France France (1942) knackers are gone and will never returns Germany, for the occupied USSR territories (1942) Subhuman (book cover) Germany (1942) Summer incident Norway (1943) Europe has started a joint campaign against Bolshevism - join to the Flemish SS-Legion Germany, for the occupied territories of Netherlands and Belgium (1943) Bolshevism brings death for all nations France (1943) Katyn - a paradise underground Germany, for the occupied territory of France (1943) Bolshevism is death! Germany, for the occupied territories of Netherlands and Belgium (1943) Bolshevism against family values. Family is the greatest shame of all that has been created in civilized countries (Lenin) Italy (1943) Moscow expresses its categorical demands to allies (concerning the postwar future of Europe) Germany, for the occupied territories of Netherlands and Belgium (1943) Never! (Soviet echelon of death in Siberia, Stalin's camps) Italy (1943) We are against Bolshevism - join as volunteer to the Flemish SS-Legion Netherlands (1943) No! Norway (1944) Hands off from Europe Italy (1944) Daddy, save me! Italy (1944) Soviet bear tries to strangle West Berlin United States (1948) Moscow has dictated and all must sign. The secret of a cheerful and optimistic message content residents of the Soviet Zone (East Germany) to the western part of the country West Germany (1951) Uncle Joe with his dove of peace France (1951) Elect Communists for the terror and slavery The Netherlands (1952) Woman, come here ... - ... Leave me alone (Poster of German People's League for Peace and Freedom) Germany (1952) Committee for Liberation victims of totalitarian tyranny - from Nazi concentration camp right to the grip of KGB Germany (1952) Our children will never become communists (election poster) Germany (1952) Holidays in the Soviet paradise, an unforgettable experience! West Germany (1952) All Marxist paths leads to falling into dependence from Moscow! So vote for the CDU (Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands) (election leaflet) West Germany (1953) In spaced networks of Communism Italy (1970) Freedom to Soviet Jews! - USA (1980)
Large Set of Propagandistic Anti-Soviet Posters (1920 – 1980)
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