Children Photos by Kim Anderson, Part 1

Kim Anderson photography career, now overseen from his home base in a Swiss mountainside village, began the way of many shutter bugs. His early photos focused on fashion and people, as well as photography for advertising agencies.
While attaining success in the European marketplace as a talented photographer, Anderson also turned his lens to capturing his young daughter Nicola at play with her friends. The universal innocence and captivating antics of children entranced him. The resulting photographs evoke soul-filled feelings of happiness, wonder, innocence and tenderness and of childhood days gone by.
Today, Anderson is one of the world’s most popular photographers. For the past 10 years, he has worked exclusively with Verkerke Publishing of Holland, producing greeting cards, posters, figurines, calendars and more.
During the last decade, Anderson (whose given name is Bertram Bahner) has touched the hearts of millions of fans with his series of simple, heartfelt photographs of children. His signature style is the hand-colored detail Anderson adds to his photos, such as a single red rose, a bouquet of bright yellow flowers or the soft brown fur of a well-loved teddy bear. The children in Anderson’s extensive photo gallery are frequently captured in oversized floppy hats, knee-length suit jackets and bulky sweaters with rolled-up sleeves.
Kim Anderson
Children Photos by Kim Anderson, Part 1
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