Divorce Cakes by Fay Millar

Divorce is not traditionally a reason to party, but these hilarious cakes provide a fun and humorous way to celebrate new beginnings. London-based baker Fay Millar started creating and selling the fun confections to meet the growing trend for break-up parties. She says that inquiries about her cakes come mainly from ex-wives who want to celebrate the divorce with their friends.
Most of Fay's quirky designs are based on wedding cakes, with warring bride and groom edible figurines featured on them. Prices range from $100 to $1300.
"Some people might consider it crass and insensitive while others may view it as a fitting end to a period in their lives – as well as a chance to have a good party," says Fay. "I like to introduce humor rather than something too sober or vindictive so I use lots of figurines interacting with each other. Divorce can be a horrible thing but I would like to think comical divorce cakes can help lighten the mood a little."
Divorce Cakes by Fay Millar
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