The Longcroft Luxury Hotel

An exclusive luxury all-suite hotel property featuring five-star service and fine gourmet dining has just opened in north of London. What makes this property uniquely exclusive is that prospective hotel guests are required to possess whiskers, claws and speak only the language of Meow and Mew. Indeed, the new Longcroft Hotel is for cats only.
29 Oct 2012 11:41:00
A staff member removes a coffin from a room of the “Corpse Hotel” in Kawasaki, Japan, April 20, 2016. (Photo by Thomas Peter/Reuters)

A staff member removes a coffin from a room of the “Corpse Hotel” in Kawasaki, Japan, April 20, 2016. Many so-called corpse hotels have emerged as a flourishing business in the city following a crunch in crematoriums. Families can rent a room in Sousou on a daily charge of 9,000 Japanese yen (£58, €74, $84) to keep the body of the deceased relative for up to four days until they find a crematorium. (Photo by Thomas Peter/Reuters)
30 Apr 2016 09:46:00
Aquarium In Radisson Sas Hotel

In the middle of the lobby of the Radisson SAS Hotel in Berlin stands a AquaDom standing 25 meters tall and is the largest cylindrical aquarium ever built. It’s filled with about 900,000 liters of seawater and has 2600 fish of 56 species.
01 Dec 2013 09:12:00
Batman Hotel In Taiwan

If you are a big Batman fan with some extra frequent flier miles and cash to burn, you might want to consider staying in this amazing Batman themed hotel room! The bat cave themed hotel room goes for $50 per 3 hour stay. For that price, you not only get to stay in the coolest hotel room of all time, but you get lubrication, s*xy lingerie and other perks. Other than the price, the other downside is that you have to fly to Kaohsiung City in Taiwan to stay there. If I am ever in that part of the world, I will definitely be staying in that room, even if I am not a huge Batman fan.
21 May 2014 13:56:00
Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort fronting Marina Bay in Singapore. Developed by Las Vegas Sands, it is billed as the world's most expensive standalone casino property at S$8 billion, including cost of the prime land.

28 Jun 2012 08:00:00

A visitor relaxes in a sleeping module at Tokyo's tube Hotel “Capsule Inn Akihabara” on February 6, 2007 in Tokyo, Japan. The two-square-meter sleep modules are equipped with a TV, Radio and Wireless LAN and are priced at 3500 yen per night. Uptil recently it has mainly been the office workers who stay at such tube hotels when they cannot go home, but recently they are attracting many foreign travellers due to their Japanese style. (Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images)
20 May 2011 08:50:00
Belgian Hotel CasAnus

Hotel CasAnus has all the elements of a great weekend getaway. It's just shaped like a giant human colon. On a small island, nestled between Antwerp and Ghent in Flanders, Belgium, this quaint structure is designed like a humongous intestinal tract, complete with an anus replica.
Originally an art sculpture created by the Dutch designer Joep Van Lieshout, CasAnus is now a part of the Verbeke Foundation art park, one of Western Europe’s edgiest art venues.
01 Jun 2015 04:45:00
The suites made from ice and snow this year at the Ice Hotel include animal influences and theatre-inspired rooms. (Photo by Icehotel.com/Exclusivepix Media)

19 individually themed and hand crafted art suites have been newly designed by creatives from across the world – from a swedish artist who made a giant snow elephant in the room, to a french team who fused snow, ice and disco into a groovy sleeping experience. Each year, the hotel creates a new series of artist-designed accommodation spaces that add to the existing landscape of private rooms. (Photo by Icehotel.com/Exclusivepix Media)
15 Mar 2017 00:04:00