Gue(ho)st House In France

Architects Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Péjus get scary with this sculptural,bogey-inspired arts center in France. Situated behind the severe Synagogue de Delme, the center's design transforms an old house, which previously served as a prison, a school, and most recently a funeral home. The new intervention draws inspiration from the latter, cloaking the structure in a white veil of molded concrete that creates a "living body" which expands into the surrounding areas of the house.
26 Jan 2014 12:05:00
The Amazing Rock City In Spain

Ronda is a small Spanish town that it well known by many people around the world. It became a popular tourist destination due to its peculiar location. Some of its buildings are standing right next to the large cliff drop, making for a very scary sight, especially if you were to look down through one of their windows unaware of what kind of sight awaits you. If you ever find yourself looking for this ancient town, you can travel to it from Costa del Sol or Malaga. In the past, this town played a major strategic role due to its high elevation, which made defending it from invaders a lot easier.
03 Mar 2015 11:40:00
Vivid sunset under severe storm in central Nebraska August 17, 2005. (Photo by Mike Hollingshead)

Storm chasing photographer Mike Hollingshead makes a living following the worst storms in America, from snarling tornadoes chewing up the Kansas farmland to supercell thunderstorms massing over the Dakotas. His style is to get right in the path of the storm. While he says it’s less scary than you think – because most of the storm consists of heavy rain – it’s still extremely stressful. Photo: Vivid sunset under severe storm in central Nebraska August 17, 2005. (Photo by Mike Hollingshead)
13 Aug 2014 11:25:00
Face Painting By Elsa Rhae

Elsa Rhae Pageler, otherwise known as just Elsa Rhae, has the unbelievable knack for transforming her beautiful face into something incredibly scary. Although she began her career in video editing, and still works as one to this day, she has become infamous for her amazing makeup transformations. She took a stage makeup class as an elective to graduate from her film degree in college and soon realized that it was a passion she didn’t even know she had at first.
27 Aug 2014 13:53:00
Drawing By Andrew Ferez

Andrew Ferez, born and raised in Russia is an artist who inherited his creativity and interest in the arts early on and trained his artistic skills and knowledge ever since, in a never-ending process.
Andrew’s genre is a mix between macabre and horror with a poetic hint. His illustrations transports us into the deepest recesses of our mind, showing us impossible worlds that are both scary yet surprisingly familiar or enticing. Most of his artworks are two dimensional but in some of his latest artworks he used the help of some 3D software as well.
28 May 2014 18:26:00
Assassin’s Creed By Damien

Assassin’s Creed is a game that is set in the past with the main character’s subconsciousness traveling through the fabric of time to acquire hidden knowledge. The level designers of Assassin’s Creed Unity have meticulously recreated the streets of 1789 Paris to allow the users to become completely engulfed by the atmosphere of this proud and ancient city. Each year, games are becoming more and more realistic, and soon the line between movie footage and computer generated world will completely blur. This is both scary and exciting prospect, yet there is no doubt that someday, virtual world will be indistinguishable from the real one. To illustrate this, Damien Hypolite has taken a series of photos which compare scenes from Assassin’s Creed to the real placed in modern Paris. (Photo by Damien)
15 Dec 2014 11:03:00
Wax figures with torture instrument named “torture-rack” are seen on October 25, 2014 in Huai'an, Jiangsu province of China. The exhibition, which opened last year at an educational center in the eastern city of Huai'an, includes reenactments of prisoners being hung over a fire, flayed and being tortured on what is known as a “Tiger Bench” – pictured above – a Qing dynasty (1644-1912) device that contorted victims' legs and arms in high pressure positions that could break bones or tear apart joints. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress)

Organizers of an exhibition of ancient instruments of torture in Huai'an, Jiangsu province, have suggested that children, heart disease patients and people with high blood pressure stay away because of the vivid depictions of shocking cruelty. The exhibition has more than 200 instruments of torture on display in the 50,000-square-meter exhibition halls of a restored ancient building. Wax figures, along with sound and light techniques, are incorporated for scary effect. The local government said the exhibition is for tourists and historians to research ancient torture practices. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress)
29 Oct 2014 12:22:00
Norwegian Trolls By Ivar Rodningen Part 1

Ivar Rodningem is a professional illustrator, whose imaginative mind transports us into a parallel world where trolls roam the lands. These creatures might seem scary at first sight, but in reality they are very docile and friendly, help each other and humans that they happen to meet. One of their characteristic features is of course their large noses and long tails. They are one with the nature, which is why it is almost impossible to see a troll if he doesn’t want to be found. Just like you and I they love having fun, though it is hard thing to do, considering their size.

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26 Feb 2015 20:03:00