The Fantastic Photography Of Clark Little

Clark was the guy who was photographed dropping into stupidly heavy Waimea shorebreak a few years back. Always admired him for that. I've swum in that shoredump and it's fu*cking heavy!
I also contracted some crazy tropical disease digging out Waimea river, but that's another story altogether!
20 Jun 2013 10:50:00
Snowy owlets (Bubo scandiacus), Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, USA. “A pair of gray-feathered snowy owlets hunker down in the abundant flowers that flourish in the dropping-enriched soil of their nest mound”. (Photo by Art Wolfe/Art Wolfe Stock)

The photography of Art Wolfe covers the globe, capturing landscapes, wildlife, and cultures from every continent; here he talks through a selection of his favourite images. Art Wolfe is an American photographer and conservationist. His photographs have been noted by environmental advocacy groups for their “stunning” visual impact. Here: Snowy owlets (Bubo scandiacus), Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, USA. (Photo by Art Wolfe/Art Wolfe Stock)
19 Mar 2018 00:05:00
Les Trois Femmes Deux, 2018. (Photo by Mickalene Thomas/Courtesy of Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York)

Vast collection of fine art photography about to open at Pier 24 in Manhattan. One of the world's most prestigious annual photography events, The Photography Show is the longest-running and foremost exhibition dedicated to the photographic medium, offering a wide range of museum-quality work, including contemporary, modern, and 19th-century photographs as well as photo-based art, video, and new media. Here: Les Trois Femmes Deux, 2018. (Photo by Mickalene Thomas/Courtesy of Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York)
04 Apr 2019 00:01:00
Horse photography By Tim Flach

Famed for his fascination with animals, British photographer Tim Flach places them in the same position as humans, using the pure form of photography. As friends of humans, animals made their contribution to human development, but their existence were nevertheless often neglected in this process. Tim Flach however gave the public an opportunity recognize these friends. The horse, one of Tim Flach’s favorite animals, is portrayed with an imposing elegance in his tribute to this men’s old friend. Tim Flach’s horse moves like music that undulates between serenity and grandeur.
30 May 2014 08:54:00
Shadow Photography By Solve Sundsbo

Solve Sundsbo is a Norwegian photographer who lives in London. His career began when four months into a course at the London College of Printing he became Nick Knight’s assistant.
29 Jun 2014 11:55:00
Photography By Jesus Chapa-Malacara

Photographer and former dancer Jesús Chapa-Malacara, head of art production company fotosjcm, announces the launch of Esprit de Corps, an innovative book of ballet photography unlike any seen before. The high-end art book, currently being independently financed and offered exclusively through a Kickstarter campaign, will feature world-class dancers from top ballet companies, including Michaela DePrince of Dutch National Ballet, Jared Matthews and Yuriko Kajiya of American Ballet Theatre, among others.
03 Aug 2013 08:44:00
Creative Photography_By_Queenie_Liao

Queenie Liao is an artist but first of all a mother and she wanted to show that you can be both… at the same time. With her creative photography she caught the dreams of her child during his sleeps: the result is a brilliant compilation of photos where her baby is the absolout protagonist. Pacific as if nothing happens around him, his daily sleeps are transformed by Queenie Liao into fascinating fairy tales by using plain cloths, stuffed animals, and other common household . A brillaint work that makes us remember our childhood, where our dreams were full of magic.
13 Dec 2013 12:40:00
Moon Photography By Adrian Limani

They were taken by Adrian Limani, 21, who got his brother to leap for the sake of his art a few weeks ago in Raince, Serbia.
02 Mar 2014 12:42:00