Abstract Paintings By Simon Kenny

Simon Kenny is a multi award winning artist who has gained recognition nationally and internationally for his vibrant and expressive abstract paintings. Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1976, the painter Simon Kenny works in the UK today. He has painted for over 20 years and has recently enjoyed a steep rise in commercial interest.
03 Jun 2014 12:20:00
Cartoon Paintings By Marty Cooper

Animator from San Francisco Marty Cooper, like many of us are tired of what is happening around. So he took a transparent celluloid film, pen and white pencil, and began to change the world in which he lives. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes – quite unexpected pictures.
26 Mar 2014 13:43:00
Surreal Paintings By Rob Gonsalves

Canadian painter Rob Gonsalves surrealistic paintings portrays two seemingly different realistic scenes magically merging into one. As a result, the term "Magic Realism" describes his work accurately.
08 May 2014 10:51:00
Painting By Koukei Kojima

Paintings of Japanese artist are blooming irises, river, the trees above the river, streams, where trout splashing… fresh breeze from the river, drizzling warm rain and snow in the winter reigns the silence. The spring cherry blossoms and autumn golden trees silently drop onto the ground. Koukei Kojima paints in the style of “Sansam,” so called landscape painting in Japan and dors it very well
20 Mar 2013 12:43:00
Feather Paintings By Julie Thompson

Many people have seen feathers as decorative items before. Today, ostrich, peacock and bird of paradise feathers can be seen in haute couture and in the costumes of indigenous peoples. They can be colorful and spectacular in their own right, but how much more stunning might they be when used as canvases for artists, eager to demonstrate their talent for the unusual? Alaskan-born and -bred artist Julie Thompson is an astounding exponent of this incredible art
10 Apr 2013 10:31:00
Painting By Josep Teixido

I was born in Calella (Barcelona) in 1956, and nowadays I live in Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona). Since I was a child I have been fascinated by painting and I think I'm a self-taught painter because, despite I was taught drawing at Primary School, I have acquired my knowledge thanks to my environment. Painting is my own way to express myself. I can shape my inward in the canvas with the essential help of the palette knife and the colours. As a nature’s lover and great observant, my environment has always been my source of inspiration. At present I devote myself exclusively to painting, my true passion, and that is why I feel extremely fortunate.

Josep Teixido
18 Sep 2013 09:45:00
Surreal Paintings By Jacek Yerka

Jacek Yerka is an amazing painter from Poland. His subject matter ranges from odd beasts to whimsical landscapes incorporating extraordinary architecture, and includes imagery gleaned from his childhood. I handpicked a few of his pieces so we can take a close look at his world of painting.
08 Nov 2013 11:42:00
Canvas Paintings By Egidio Antonaccio

Realistic impressionist whose art, prints and posters express his love of nature and a man gifted with a rare talent. Having studied with some of the great Italian masters of fine art, he has developed a brilliant and commanding style. Born in Castelluccio, Italy, in 1954, Egidio Antonaccio graduated from the Institute of Fine Art in Castrovillari, Italy, in 1973. Then in 1978, he graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy.
12 Jan 2014 15:00:00