A model of a prehistoric icthyosaurus is dragged from its pond in the grounds of Crystal Palace, London, for its annual clean. The 'keeper' is being helped by some of the local police force. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images). February 1927
17 Mar 2011 13:10:00
Perfectly situated in the middle of the passage this giant calcite stal boss makes a huge statement. Dwarfed by it's sheer size, Hong Meigui team member; Matt Ryan can only look up in amazement. This is one of many gigantic formations in San Wang Dong. (Photo by Robbie Shone/Caters News/ImagineChina)

“A team of expert cavers and photographers had been exploring caves in the Chongquing province of China – when they were amazed to discover the entrance to a hidden cave that was previously undiscovered. And they were stunned when they managed to enter the ginormous cave – and found that it was so large there was even a cloud inside it – a cave so large it has its own weather system. Photographer and caver Robbie Shone, from Manchester, was part of a team of 15 explorers on a month-long expedition who stumbled across the natural wonder”. – Caters News
23 Mar 2014 00:03:00