Fantasy House

This house was designed by the architect Emile André (1871-1933) from Nancy, France. Some of his work still visible in Nancy includes the Huot House built in 1903.
24 Jun 2012 03:01:00
Ecocapsules By Nice Architects

A Slovakian company has designed an egg-shaped and cozy micro-home that should work ideally for anybody who wants to “go off the grid” and “live off the land” – the Ecocapsule.
29 May 2015 11:13:00
Animal Architects Bowerbirds Design

Turkeys strut, peacocks preen, and bowerbirds design. Of all the strange things that male birds do to attract a mate, the bowerbird's ritual is the only one that could make it into the MoMA. They use two distinct types of "architecture" and have a keen eye for color as well.
05 Mar 2014 12:45:00
The Iceberg By CEBRA + JDS + SeARCH + Louis Paillard Architects

Four young, trendsetting architectural offices from Denmark, Holland and France along with PensionDenmark are the clever ones behind the Iceberg – a unique house building, sporting 11 pinnacles, situated at the outermost corner of Aarhus Harbour, thus having a spectacular view of Aarhus Bay and Kalø Cove and Aarhus City.
25 Mar 2014 14:45:00
The following “Utopian Tours” drawings are conceptual images of what tourism in North Korea might one day look like, created by North Korean architects. The images, curated by Nick Bonner, are on view as part of the exhibition at the Venice Architecture Biennale in the Korean Pavilion. Bonner runs the Beijing-based Koryo Tours – a company that organizes tours of outsiders into North Korea. (Photo by Nick Bonner/Kyle Vanhemert/Venice Architecture Biennale)

At this year’s Venice Bienniale in Italy, the Korean pavilion has a curious exhibit called “Commissions for Utopia”. It includes renderings from North Korea’s top architects and artists (all anonymous), many of whom studied at the Paekho Institute of Architecture, North Korea’s state-run architectural college, and none of whom have ever left the country. They were asked to create a vision of North Korea’s future sustainable architecture for its expanding tourism industry. Their final products are a glimpse into what it would be like to envision the future after being entirely cut off from the present for almost 70 years. (Photo by Nick Bonner/Kyle Vanhemert/Venice Architecture Biennale)
08 Aug 2014 11:03:00
The Land Of Giants By Choi + Shine Architects

Power to the people! Giant transmission tower people that is… We can all agree that transmission towers (that’s an electricity pylon or ironman for you European and Aussie folk) are very necessary yet completely unsightly. These suspension towers dot our landscapes, typically soaring 15-55 meters (49 – 180 ft) high.
07 Jun 2015 09:27:00
13 May 2012 21:37:00
03 Sep 2012 08:36:00