Untitled. (Photo by Ryan Schude)

Untitled. (Photo by Ryan Schude)
01 Nov 2013 09:15:00
“Flashy Lady”. (Photo and caption by Roderique Arisiaman)

Some artists want to convey some deep message through their art, while some are simply satisfied with shocking the audience. Roderique Arisiaman is the latter kind. Though his works do not play on the strings of our emotion, they can pique the interest with their flashy and sometimes humorous appearance. Many of his works have a zombie theme, and are surprisingly well done, especially the one where a man pushes his fingers through his cheek and into his eye. If given the chance, Roderique Arisiaman would probably do a great job of designing a poster for some zombie apocalypse movie. (Photo and caption by Roderique Arisiaman)
18 Mar 2015 09:27:00
Untitled. (Photo by Ravshaniya)

Amazing gravity-defying photo manipulations by Ravshaniya, a photographer from Uzbekistan, teeters on the edge of levitation. Photo: Untitled. (Photo by Ravshaniya)
27 Jun 2014 10:48:00
Darwin's theory. Photo Art by Yves Lecoq

“Darwin's theory”, 2011. (Photo by Yves Lecoq)
23 Jul 2012 08:38:00
An act of balance

An act of balance. (Photo by Patty Maher)
20 Aug 2012 09:07:00

Use SMILEX! (Photo by Pawel Wewiorski)
01 Oct 2012 12:14:00
“Smeared Sky Sunset”. (Matt Molloy)

“Smeared Sky Sunset”. (Photo by Matt Molloy)

27 Feb 2013 12:23:00
«Berlin» Project. Porträt 01, April, 22, 2012. (Photo by Erwin Olaf/Hasted Kraeutler Gallery)

“Erwin Olaf is a Dutch photographer. Olaf is most famous for his commercial and personal work. His work has received many awards and he has held exhibitions around the world”. – Wikipedia. Photo: «Berlin» Project. Porträt 01, April, 22, 2012. (Photo by Erwin Olaf/Hasted Kraeutler Gallery)
01 May 2013 12:02:00