A bench engraved with the name of the grounded Costa Concordia cruise ship (seen at rear) is seen washed up on the shore of Giglio island, in this January 20, 2012 file photo. (Photo by Paul Hanna/Reuters)

A bench engraved with the name of the grounded Costa Concordia cruise ship (seen at rear) is seen washed up on the shore of Giglio island, in this January 20, 2012 file photo. The trial of Francesco Schettino, accused of causing the deaths of 32 people in the 2012 Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster, nears its climax with a verdict expected over the coming days. The prosecution has demanded that he be jailed for 26 years but the captain denies all the charges against him. Schettino was the commander of the vessel when it came too close to shore and hit rocks off the Tuscan holiday island of Giglio. (Photo by Paul Hanna/Reuters)
10 Feb 2015 11:58:00
 Into The Mirror By Luca Meneghel

Luca Meneghel is an italian photographer specialized in fashion and food photography with a background in design. He was born in Belluno the 19th. february 1989 and now he’s based in Bolzano. “Into the Mirror is a series of images that intersect reality and artistry through the fusion of lens captures and hand drawing”.
24 Nov 2013 10:52:00
Camping Luca Vuerich By Giovanni Pesamosca

Italian architect Giovanni Pesamosca’s work is reaching scenic new heights. His cabin is perched on the edge of Foronon Buinz in Italy’s Julian Alps. The pre fabricated structure was placed at the spectacular location in memory of deceased climber Luka Vuerich, and is now providing free accommodation complete with jaw dropping panoramic views for up to nine people… the intrepid kind willing to make a long trek to 8303 feet (2531 meters) above sea level.
12 Oct 2014 10:26:00
Luca Luca Runway Spring 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

A model walks the runway at the Luca Luca Spring 2012 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Stage at Lincoln Center on September 9, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week)
10 Sep 2011 11:50:00
Funny Cartoons By Lucas Levitan Part 2

Being able to look at this world in a different light is the main thing that distinguishes a true artist from a common person. We can clearly see that Lucas Levitan is a true artist despite the crude drawings that he makes. By hunting through thousands of photos that people post on Instagram, he finds the ones that might have a completely different, surprising, and comical theme. For example, a sensual photo of lady’s eyelashes is transformed into a scene in which a farmer is harvesting his crops. This is imagination at its finest, which is why the art works of Lucas Levitan are so interesting to look at. (Photo by Lucas Levitan)
04 Jan 2015 12:39:00
Comic Book Illustrations By Gaikuo-Captain Part 3

Gaikuo-Captain is a young Chinese student of chemical engineering, and a talented illustrator. His passion for the comic was demonstrated by a series of works that combine drawings with photographs, so that he himself is "immersed" in a fantasy to interact with characters from comic books and manga. His pieces are successful in social networks, particularly in Weibo, Chinese social network where Gaikuo publishes. You can see all his work on his zcool profile.
07 Aug 2014 16:46:00
 Realistic Paper Boeing 777 By Luca Laconi Stewart

Inspired by high school architecture class where he was assigned to create simple paper models using cut paper manilla folders, San Francisco-based designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart went home to begin construction on an extremely ambitious project: a 1:60 scale reproduction of a Boeing 777 using some of the techniques he learned in class. That was in 2008, when Iaconi-Stewart was just a junior in high school.
13 Feb 2014 12:29:00
Funny Cartoons By Lucas Levitan Part 1

Adorable cartoonish characters created by a Brazilian illustrator Lucas Levian accentuate the most prominent details of the pictures that he has found on Instagram. The original photos were completely bland and uninteresting; however, Lucas Levitan manages to add a comical effect to them by skillfully adding a character that is doing something completely unexpected. Who would imagу placing a little guy with an iron onto the forehead of an old man? (Photo by Lucas Levitan)
30 Dec 2014 11:33:00