Sequence Photography

Sequence photography is a technique of shooting a series of images in where the subject is captured in successive motion. This technique conveys motion in a static image, and comes in great use for sport based photography. A merged photo sequence can radically show a different perspective much more than what can be captured in a single image, you get to experience the entire process of the action taken by the athlete.
14 Jul 2012 04:44:00
Tillie. (Photo by CatsDog Photography/Caters News Agency)

These photos were snapped at just the right moment – leading to some truly unusual images. Some of the pups are sticking out their tongue, while others are just looking at the camera – and the results are hilarious. Cat Race, 33, a dog photographer from Preston, Lancashire, in the U.K., captured the funny moments in the northwest of England over the past two years. Here: Tillie. (Photo by CatsDog Photography/Caters News Agency)
30 Oct 2019 00:05:00
Untitled, 1963. (Photo by Larry Clark/Courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine, New York)

Before he was a controversial film-maker, Larry Clark was a controversial photographer, recording his teenage life of drugs and addiction in Tulsa (1971) and Teenage Lust (1983). Photo: Untitled, 1963. (Photo by Larry Clark/Courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine, New York)
13 Jul 2014 11:04:00
Pinhole Photography By Justin Quinnell

Justin Quinnell made a pinhole camera that he uses to take photos from inside his mouth. I know they’ve been floating around the interenet for a long while buy here they are again!
26 Aug 2013 09:04:00
Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa by Neil Howard
10 Jun 2012 04:24:00
Photography by Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson is a young photographer from Chicago, Illinois. He specializes in fine art photography, creating his own surreal realities in still images.
04 Aug 2012 10:03:00
Love Story Photography by Elovich

Creative photographer Elovich created a beautiful series of conceptual photographs focusing the concept of love. These photographs precedes the realization of photography.
11 Dec 2012 09:02:00
Legs Photography By Stacey Baker

When you look at the pictures created by Stacey Baker, you immediately think that these photos must have been staged by the photographer to convey some deep meaning. In reality, however, Stacy created her new series called “CitiLegs”, which has about 300 pictures of female legs, by asking passing girls and women in Manhattan, New York if she could photograph their legs. And that is when the realization hits you – “Some people actually dress like that!” What kind of a person would wear neon-green shorts over orange leggings with leopard-patterned boots, the toes of which are completely torn? Yes, there is a possibility that such a person might be insane; however, there are just too many “crazy” photos in this series! (Photo by Stacey Baker)
19 Nov 2014 14:23:00