Effigy Of Wall Street Banker Hangs By Freeway In Miami

Photographer, Baron DaParre takes a picture of young model Danette Vega below an effigy dressed as a Wall Street banker hanging from a telephone wire on October 28, 2011 in Miami, Florida. As protests inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protesters continue around the country an artist known as Above, created the installation which hangs above a mural that reads “Give a Wall St. banker enough rope and he will hang himself”. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
30 Oct 2011 10:49:00
An Occupy Wall Street protestor is arrested by the police during a march from Zuccotti Park to Union Square

An Occupy Wall Street protestor is arrested by the police during a march from Zuccotti Park to Union Square on March 24, 2012 in New York City. The Occupy Wall Street movement has seen a resurgence in recent weeks in part due to new protests over the killing of Florida teen Trayvon Martin. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
25 Mar 2012 11:25:00
Wall Street Protests In Canada

A protester wears a pig mask as he marches through the streets of downtown Vancouver with thousands of people participating in the Occupy Vancouver protest on October 15, 2011 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Thousands of people are taking to the streets in cities across the world today in demonstrations inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York City. An estimated 2,000 people participated in the Vancouver occupation. (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)
16 Oct 2011 11:09:00
The Wolf Man

Wolfspark Werner Freund is a wolf sanctuary spread over 25 acres in western Germany. It is home to 29 wolves -- six distinct packs hailing from Europe, Siberia, Canada, the Arctic, and Mongolia. Researcher Werner Freund, 79, a former German paratrooper, established the sanctuary in 1972 and has raised more than 70 animals there over the last 40 years. He acquired the wolves as cubs from zoos or animal parks and has reared them mostly by hand. Werner has also taken to living closely with his wolves, behaving as an alpha male to earn their acceptance and respect. Reuters photographer Lisi Niesner recently spent some time with Freund and his wolves, capturing the interactions between these old friends.
31 Jan 2013 15:50:00
Vanishing Act By Art Wolfe

An amazing series by Art Wolfe that were taken as part of his “Vanishing Act” in which the Seattle-based photographer shows the talent of animals in disguising themselves from predators. “This collection has been a long time in the making. Finding and filming animals on location is an exhilarating and painstaking process. I’m still adding to the project even now”. Have fun spotting the hidden animals.
22 Oct 2013 09:44:00

Supermodel Iman (center) introduces her husband David Bowie (L) to Rihanna (R) at the DKMS' 5th Annual Gala: Linked Against Leukemia honoring Rihanna & Michael Clinton hosted by Katharina Harf at Cipriani Wall Street on April 28, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for DKMS)
29 Apr 2011 08:48:00

West German police arrest a young man, one of the angry crowd throwing stones at a bus full of Soviet guards making their way to the Soviet War Memorial, 20th August 1962. The crowd were incensed by the death of 18-year-old Peter Fechter, who was shot while trying to cross the Berlin Wall a few days earlier. (Photo by Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
23 May 2011 08:24:00
Hong Kong By Michael Wolf

The focus of the german photographer michael wolf's work is life in mega cities. Many of his projects document the architecture and the vernacular culture of metropolises. Wolf grew up in Canada, Europe and the United States, studying at UC Berkeley and at the Folkwang School with Otto Steinert in Essen, Germany. He moved to Hong Kong in 1994 where he worked for 8 years as contract photographer for Stern magazine. Since 2001, Wolf has been focusing on his own projects, many of which have been published as books.
23 Jan 2013 12:02:00