Drawing By Karl Bang

Karl Bang's paintings are unique because he combines totally different styles of painting within the same format. It is very difficult to design a balanced composition with realistic elements that are juxtaposed with flat colors and patterns. The faces of his subjects are painted realistically in the Western tradition with subtle gradations of color; while, his figures and costumes vignette into abstracted shapes, lines, flat colors and patterns that reflect Karl's background in China. It is as though there are different visual languages being spoken within his paintings.
30 Jul 2013 09:16:00
Painting By Koday Laszlo

Laszlo Koday was born in Hungary in 1945. In 1970 he began as a self-tought painter. The life and work of Henri Rousseau made a deep impression on him. His pictures are fairy tales expressed by pictorial means, human, animal and nature are equally important in them. There are bright, with unmixed pure colours, compositions wich spread calmness and gaiety. Kaday's works are know not only in Hungary but in many countries and are included in many private and public collections. His paintings can be found in galleries abroad, for example the GINA Gallery.
23 Jul 2013 09:00:00
Feather Paintings By Julie Thompson

Many people have seen feathers as decorative items before. Today, ostrich, peacock and bird of paradise feathers can be seen in haute couture and in the costumes of indigenous peoples. They can be colorful and spectacular in their own right, but how much more stunning might they be when used as canvases for artists, eager to demonstrate their talent for the unusual? Alaskan-born and -bred artist Julie Thompson is an astounding exponent of this incredible art
10 Apr 2013 10:31:00