Disney Princesses Reveal Their Dark Sides In Creepy Illustrations By Jeffrey Thomas

The princesses that star in Disney’s classic movies inhabit beautiful fantasy worlds, but it apparently doesn’t take much to turn these into dark, nightmarish realms. Jeffrey Thomas, a cartoon artist and character designer in California, reimagines what our favorite Disney heroines would look like if their worlds were a whole lot darker and creepier.
17 Feb 2016 08:03:00
Combines Photos By Stephen McMennamy

Art director Stephen McMennamy puts photos together to create quirky images for his ongoing project “combophoto’s”. Whether it’s a seagull with an airplane tail or a pair of donut headphones, he jots down his inspirations for each piece on his tumblr. Ever since he got interested in photography through instagram in 2012, he also set up an extra account named @combophotofail, where he shares a look behind-the-scenes on how these images are produced.
17 Feb 2016 08:02:00
Couples wedding photo photobombed by deer. (Photo by Hendra Lesmana/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

These hilarious photos will leave people wedding themselves with laughter. The images – which include photobombs, wardrobe malfunctions and unexpected animal behaviour – have been released by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographs (ISPWP). Each year the society holds quarterly competitions, celebrating a variety of the best image from couples special days. Other categories in the ISPWPs completions include the likes Getting Ready, First Dance, Family Love, and a selection of portrait possibilities. Here: Couples wedding photo photobombed by deer. (Photo by Hendra Lesmana/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)
14 Jan 2016 08:02:00
Funny And Weird Illustrations By Uttam Sinha

“I like to draw simple, creepy and weird illustrations on feet pictures of friends and people. When nobody volunteers I do it on my own feet. Everything is being done on the phone only”. – Uttam Sinha
10 Jan 2016 08:00:00
Food-Art By Nikki Garcia

A Filipino mother Nikki Garcia combined her love for arts and crafts with the Japanese tradition of bento boxes to combat her children’s eating habits.
05 Jan 2016 08:04:00
Friendly Monster By Chris Ryniak

Hey Everybody! My name is Chris Ryniak (RYE-KNEE-ACK), and I make monsters. I split my time between sculpting and painting for gallery work, designing toys and being a Dad, but the thing I do the most is DRAW MONSTERS, like every day.
06 Dec 2015 08:23:00
The Daily Life Of Darth Vader By Pawel Kadysz

If you want to be Dart Vader, you will have to deal with his everyday problems, too. That’s what Paweł Kadysz is doing with his new photo project. He aims to take a picture every day for a year – and each one of them should show the Dark Lord of the Sith tackling everyday life. Washing dishes, ironing clothes, eating breakfast – all those little things that heroes do off screen.
25 Nov 2015 10:06:00
Amina and Zazou the dog. (Photo by Ines Opifanti/Caters News)

Barking mad owners have proved they really do look like their pets – by performing impressions of their own dogs. In a series of hilarious “paw”-traits, owners pull their best faces to look like their pooches. Snapped by photographer Ines Opifanti, people stuck their tongues out, yawned and tilted their heads in curiosity at the camera. Opifanti, from Hamburg, Germany, came up with the idea while interacting with her own dogs, two pug/French bulldog crossbreeds. Here: Amina and Zazou the dog. (Photo by Ines Opifanti/Caters News)
02 Sep 2015 12:21:00