Taylor and Husbands

US film star Elizabeth Taylor and her first husband Nick Hilton, of the hotelier family, on their wedding day.
British-born film star Elizabeth Taylor and her first husband Conrad 'Nicky' Hilton Jr. (1926 - 1969)(of the hotel family) leaving their London hotel. She is wearing a suit of pale blue cotton gabardine and a white straw hat covered in daisies.
American actress Elizabeth Taylor with Michael Wilding just after their wedding.
Film star couple Michael Wilding (1912 - 1979) and Elizabeth Taylor with their eight-month-old son Michael Wilding Jnr outside their apartment in London's Grosvenor Square.
Elizabeth Taylor and her husband Mike Todd (1907 - 1958), sheltering from the rain in a car.
Film star Elizabeth Taylor and her husband, producer, Mike Todd (Avron Hirsch Goldbogen) (1907 - 1958) leave Los Angeles for Nice. He was killed in a plane crash while still married to Taylor
12th February 1958: American film producer, Mike Todd (1907 - 1958) with his wife, American film actress, Elizabeth Taylor at a cocktail party held in their honour in Rome
Elizabeth Taylor with husband Eddie Fisher at the party given in Rome for Stanley Kubrick's film 'Spartacus'.
11th December 1976: American film star Elizabeth Taylor arrives at Heathrow Airport, London, with her seventh husband John Warner.
Actress Dame Elizabeth Taylor, with Jason Winters (L), arrives to perform in A.R. Gurney's 'Love Letters', with James Earl Jones, to benefit The Elizabeth Taylor HIV/AIDS Foundation at the Paramount Studios Theater on December 1, 2007 in Los Angeles, California.
Taylor and Husbands
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