Project “Street Fighter”

Alexander Nerozya and Ilya Mihaylov make the dream of many “Street Fighter” fans come true and bring the characters of the classic video game into reality. Specifically for this purpose they found a few body-builders to express the epic struggle between Ken and Ryu and other famous characters including beautiful Chun Li. While Nerozya took care of the raw image Mihaylov used his post-production skills to portray finishing touches.
The idea: Alexander Nerozya Dmitry Baranov Photographer: Alexander Nerozya, Ilia Mihaylov Make-up, make-up: Anastasia Ruvinskaya Postproduction: Alexander Nerozya Models: Anna Drozdov (Chun Li, a master of sports of taekwondo, winner of the European Championship and World Cup), Dmitry Balaytis (Ryu, bodybuilder), Alexander Sulimenko (Ken, bodybuilder, winner of the Cup of Siberia in bodybuilding), Dmitry Ilyin (Guile, bodybuilder) Engineer Stage: Dmitry Baranov Drivers: Nicholas Butrimovich Dmitry Baranov
great behind the scene footage:
Project “Street Fighter”
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