Historical Reconstruction: “Friendly Maneuvers”

Yes, it's not a scrupulous reconstruction of certain historical event or era this is “Friendly Maneuvers”, you can see soldiers from very different eras: the Russian Knights (end of the IX century), the Crusaders, the representatives of the German army (XV century). Coordinators have invited all comers, without any restrictions. Participants took part in maneuvers in several battles – capture the flag, formations fights, battle for treasure, battle in encirclement, battle with reinforcements. Each battle consists five matches, so each team have a chance to win (participants were divided into two teams – blue and white). All fights conventionally divided into two types – hit and non-hit. Fightings allowed bladed weapons from the dural, rubber and shields without sharp corners.
more photos here: kot-boyun.livejournal.com
Historical Reconstruction: “Friendly Maneuvers”
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