The Edible Cothes

The color, texture and shape of food has inspired a collection of artists and fashion designers to create clothing inspired by culinary creations. Hunger Pains Food Fashion is a project photographed by Ted Sabarese and created by a team of 15 designers led by Ami Goodheart. Two Project Runway alums, Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault, wove the artichoke dress shown above. The model stood for six hours while the duo crafted the dress leaf by leaf before the first photograph was taken.
Sung Yeonju is a brilliant young Korean artist who took the art world by storm with her incredible series of dresses made of various foods, entitled Wearable Foods I wonder if Sung Yeonju had something to do with Lady Gaga’s famous meat dress Banana coat White radish Spring Onions Red Cabbage Lotus Root Tomatoes
The Edible Cothes
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