Disney Princesses Reveal Their Dark Sides In Creepy Illustrations By Jeffrey Thomas

The princesses that star in Disney’s classic movies inhabit beautiful fantasy worlds, but it apparently doesn’t take much to turn these into dark, nightmarish realms. Jeffrey Thomas, a cartoon artist and character designer in California, reimagines what our favorite Disney heroines would look like if their worlds were a whole lot darker and creepier.
17 Feb 2016 08:03:00
Cockatoos by Leila Jeffreys

Leila Jeffreys is a relative newcomer to exhibiting but there is nothing quick or usual about the life path which has led to her showcasing Fine Art Photography around the world. via Photography Blogs.
25 Mar 2015 07:16:00
Photographers: Thomas Mangold

After school and civil service, Thomas Mangold went off to study Visual Communications in Dortmund where he still lives. During these studies, he had the opportunity for an internship at the advertising agency Grey Dusseldorf and also began to receive invites to publish his photographic series in magazines. Around this time, a new professor at the college arranged a one week intensive seminar in Strata 3D.
11 Apr 2012 13:25:00
The Unforbidden Cyclist By Thomas Yang

Image patterning has existed for hundreds of years; however, before Thomas Yang no one has ever thought of putting paint on the bicycle wheels and using it as a patterning tool to create very interesting-looking pictures. Being an avid cyclist and an artist, Thomas Yang has decided to combine the two, creating the 100copies. The name of this project not only alludes to the fact that only one hundred copies of those pictures were going to be made, but also to the fact that the pictures themselves consist of hundreds of repeating shapes. And even though the project is called 100copies, no two pictures are alike due to the nature of their creation, making them truly unique. (Photo by Thomas Yang)
11 Nov 2014 12:00:00
Book Art by Thomas Allen

American photographer Thomas Allen constructs witty and clever dioramas using figures cut from the covers of old pulp paperbacks. Using salacious pulp art drawing’s of the ’40s and ’50s that covered books such as ” I Married a Dead Man” and ” Marihuana Girl’, Allen constructs one set of pictures up close while obscuring another, and in the process creates a different context. Each piece is given a brand new storyline, though never quite strays from their cheeky origins.
05 Dec 2012 13:01:00
Plagued by Doubt By Thomas Wightman

Thoughts. They fly through the broad expenses of our mind, floating gracefully in midair, going into the clouds, and then reemerging once again. Some are quick and furtive, others are grand and majestic. We reflect upon them as they enter our minds, and once they leave, they are usually gone for good. However, some thoughts are different. These thoughts resemble a flock of angry birds or a swarm of hungry moths that invade your mind, slowly eating away at your sanity, strength, and desire to live. Such thoughts often plague that minds of people with Obsessive Compulsive disorder. They completely occupy their time; constantly there; ever-present. With his book sculpture, Thomas Wightman was able to accurately convey the way these thoughts consume the mind, slowly building a nest within it, resisting all attempts to drive them away.

Thomas Wightman

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19 Mar 2015 09:11:00
Biggest Cruise Ships By Jeffrey Milstein

These spectacular photographs give a stunning birds-eye of view of the decks from some of the world's biggest cruise liners. New York based Photographer Jeffrey Milstein spent months hovering over the oceans using high-resolution camera equipment to capture views from a helicopter.
06 Apr 2016 21:18:00

SlashFilm had the chance to experience a wonderful art exhibit at The Rat Trap Gallery in Anaheim, CA. All of the art featured was inspired by Disney‘s Magic Mountain. ...
25 Feb 2015 02:43:00