Children Photos By Kim Anderson Part 1

Kim Anderson photography career, now overseen from his home base in a Swiss mountainside village, began the way of many shutter bugs. His early photos focused on fashion and people, as well as photography for advertising agencies.
25 Mar 2014 13:11:00
Meet Lil Bub

Lil Bub is a female “perma-kitten” house cat born with several genetic mutations causing dwarfism, polydactylism and disformed lower jaw. Bub rose to fame online after her owner Mike Bridavsky began uploading videos of her to YouTube in November 2011.

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04 Sep 2013 09:25:00
Rocker By Kim Joon
Kim Joon is a Korean artist who specializes in creating images that resemble hollow porcelain human body parts painted in bold patterns from famous ceramic brands including Royal Copenhagen, Herend, and Villeroy & Boch. His latest project is called The Rocker and features a number of pictures of porcelain hands laying on a dish patterned in style of different famous rock bands of the past. The images are so vivid that it makes you think that these hands are actually real and not digitally crafted, though it would be amazing, if someone were to actually make a creation such as this in real life. (Photo by Kim Joon)
18 Dec 2014 14:25:00
Colorful Smoke By Kim Keever

American artist Kim Keever did new abstract creations for his exhibition “Across the Volumes” at the Waterhouse & Dodd in April 2014. From a mixture of paint and water, kinds of colorful volutes appear in the air, under the shapes of clouds, mushrooms or jellyfishes. His work is to discover in the next part of the article.
09 Mar 2014 11:31:00
Unusual Birdhouses Part 1

Using a birdhouse is an excellent way to attract birds to your backyard! This you find the perfect decorative birdhouse for your yard

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23 Apr 2013 09:43:00
Military Woman Patr1

'Military woman' is a constantly updated gallery of images of women wearing uniform: military, police and so on. We truly hope that our beloved visitors won't remain passive and will take part in this project making it even more interesting! Note that all the images featured in the gallery are taken from publically available sources: their copyright belongs to their respective creators and the trade mark to the owners. ...

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08 Mar 2015 10:08:00
Marutaro The Hedgehog Part 1

With more than 40,000 followers on Twitter and 26,400 fans on Vine, it looks like Marutaro the hedgehog from Japan is one of the most popular hedgehogs on the Internet. And as his owner keeps on posting Marutaro’s pictures online daily, Marutaro’s popularity continues to grow. There are hundreds of cute photographs and videos of this little fellow, but the ones with little paper cut-out faces are probably the cutest. As Marutaro lies on his back, his owner gives him a variety of silly expressions and smiles. The 20 best of them will definitely boost your mood!
09 Apr 2014 10:18:00
Celebrity Mugshots Part 1

Worth 1000`s photoshop contest for making the best celebrity mug shot
03 Jun 2014 11:00:00