Metal Lion By Selcuk Yılmaz

Created from nearly 4,000 pieces of metal scraps, Aslan (Turkish for Lion), is a recent sculpture by Istanbul-based artist Selçuk Yilmaz. The piece took nearly a year of work and involved hand-cutting and hammering of each individual metal piece
01 Feb 2014 12:13:00

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 19: Aisha Tyler attends Worldwide Launch of 'Gears of War 3' for Xbox 360 at Best Buy Theater on September 19, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Xbox)
14 Nov 2011 08:10:00
Rare Metal Gallium

Gallium is a chemical element with symbol Ga and atomic number 31. Elemental gallium does not occur in nature, but as the gallium(III) compounds in trace amounts in bauxite and zinc ores. A soft silvery metallic poor metal, elemental gallium is a brittle solid at low temperatures.
25 Feb 2013 15:15:00
Metal Cats By Alexandra Crockett

Alexandra Crockett, a musician and jewelry designer, has been present and active in the metal community since the age of 15 and is currently a doctoral student in the Bay Area. Beginning her idea for the book by doing promotional photos for bands and friends she would cat-sit for, she found an interesting dynamic between men in the metal scene and their cats. The idea for the book formed around giving accolades to local musicians and artists in the metal scene, while also bringing to light no-kill shelters and their importance for animal rights.
08 Sep 2014 08:47:00
Metal Hulk By BanHunLek

When you first see the art works created by a Thai metalworker Ban Hun Lek, you are completely stunned by the level of detail of the metal sculptures that he creates. One of his most prominent creations is a full sized sculpture of a Hulk. The fact that this sculpture was created practically solely out of steel nuts adds to the rugged feeling of force that emanates from this creation. And if you think that this creation is amazing, you should look at his other works such as the Ganesha – the god of wisdom, knowledge and new beginnings, or the Predator. For that matter, almost every sculpture that he creates blows your mind away, making you wonder just how many hours has he put into making these amazing pieces of art. (Photo by BanHunLek)
07 Nov 2014 12:39:00
Precious Metal By Yoav Kotik

Jewelry from packaging: Yoav Kotik’s rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendents are made from metal bottle caps. Yoav Kotik, the designer of "Precious metal" jewellery line, is a graduate of the "Bezalel academy of art and design" in Jerusalem. Yoav is a member of the Zik group. He frequently leads Master classes in the field of sculpture and design in recycled materials in academic institutes such as the "Shenkar academy of design" the "Bezalel academy" and the "Wizo academy". His works were presented in galleries across Israel, the UK, the Netherland and Japan.
07 Feb 2014 13:45:00
An ant by Edouard Martinet. (Photo by Edouard Martiniet/Caters News)

An amazing artist transforms scrap metal into incredible sculptures of insects, birds, fish, and other animals. Edouard Martinet from Brittany, France, creates the sculptures from all manner of salvaged parts and junk, including car and bicycle parts, typewriters, and medical equipment. Photo: An ant by Edouard Martinet. (Photo by Edouard Martiniet/Caters News)
10 Dec 2013 09:18:00
Growing Solid Wooden Furniture By Gavin Munro

U.K.-based company Full Grown offers a simpler, more eco-friendly way to manufacture wooden furniture with their forest of chairs and tables.
28 May 2015 11:27:00