Unlikely Friendship Of A Kitten And Ferrets

In June, Mallory Gaudet picked up a little ginger kitten on the street and took him home. Mallory worried that the baby will not be able to get along with her ​​two other pets – ferrets, and they will hurt him. But it turned out that the new member of the family, named Ned, could get used to this neighborhood very fast. Moreover – these three animals became really best friends. Now kitten and ferrets play, eat and sleep all together. But the most touching thing is when Ned “washes” the ferrets. Interspecific and intergeneric animals’ friendship – is a rare phenomenon. But ginger kitten and two of his fellows break all the stereotypes.
16 Apr 2014 15:24:00
Kitten And Owl Are Best Friends

A tiny calico Scottish Fold kitten named Marimo snuggles and plays with an equally tiny baby owl named Fuku at the Hukulou Coffee House in Osaka, Japan. While the cafe is primarily focused on all things owl, the kitten is certainly getting a great deal of attention, particularly from Fuku.
24 Nov 2016 08:02:00
Golden Retriever Adopted A Kitten

There is nothing more endearing than seeing true friendship and love. Especially, if it as improbable as that of a big dog and a tiny kitten. Somehow, animals feel when they are dealing with a baby. For example, no matter how much a toddler will tug on the tail of a cat and play roughly with it, it will never or very rarely fight back. This set of pictures taken by Jessie Pon shows a tiny kitten mistaking an adult golden retriever for his mother. Though it may hurt the dog’s nose with its sharp claws, the dog does nothing to harm the kitty. On the contrary, it’s watching over the kitty-cat as if it were her own puppy. (Photo by Jessie Pon)
03 Nov 2014 12:34:00
Cute kitten named Daisy

Daisy lives in Japan and she's probably the cutest kitten in the world. Here's some pictures of her, photographed by her owner Ben Terode.
16 Oct 2012 11:55:00

With their affinity for hunting, sneaking, and hidden blade-like retractable claw, cats are really the assassins of the animal world. They're not as intimidating when they're kittens dressed up as assassins from the upcoming Assassin's Creed Unity, but what they lack in deadliness they more than make up for in cuteness. YouTube user Mr.TVCow posted the video, in which four hooded kittens hunt down a french soldier, much like like in a number of trailers for Assassin's Creed Unity. They use their eagle vision ability, parkour after their target, and perform lethal aerial assassinations, and yes, it's as unbearably adorable as it sounds.
29 Sep 2014 15:34:00
Three-legged Kitten and Hat

Comic artist Adam Ellis recently adopted Maxwell, a 3-legged kitten. Here is a series of shots Ellis regularly posts to his Instagram account showing his kitten wearing tiny paper hats.
08 Sep 2013 11:37:00
Fuzzbucket. “Not only did we keep our jobs, but because of the pictures, all the kittens were adopted within hours!”. (Photo by  Seth Casteel/Hachette Australia)

California-based photographer Seth Casteel made his name taking photographs of dogs underwater, but before that, he was snapping cats on land. In fact, they were his first animal subjects. Casteel’s new book, Pounce – a follow-up to his bestselling Underwater Dogs and Underwater Puppies – features more than 80 photographs of playful cats doing what they do best. Here: Fuzzbucket. (Photo by Seth Casteel/Hachette Australia)
18 Nov 2016 11:21:00
Rare Sand Kittens in Park "Safari"

A sand kitten walks at her enclosure at the Ramat Gan Safari near Tel Aviv. Four sand kittens, considered extinct in Israel, were born at the safari park, an open-air zoo, a statement from the safari said.
25 Oct 2012 12:05:00