A year ago, we at HootSuite showed just how much we love Game of Thrones with our Social Media Winter is Coming infographic. The infographic was a visual representation of the quiet battles being fought between many social networks, who were building walls and blocking access between their respective sites and apps. That graphic was a hit with the social media community, so we knew we had to take things up a notch for this season’s premiere. Enter the Game of Social Thrones video.
12 Apr 2014 11:47:00

Godzilla - Game Boy Ad

Missing that old days of gaming when games were GAMES and not a dunghill of marketing bullshit with DLC? Sick of all this "press X to win"? So remember the CLASSIC!
08 Jan 2014 10:43:00
Game Of Thrones: Season 4 Visual Effects

The characters fighting for Westeros in Game of Thrones are fighting mostly for CGI backdrops. Like many others TV series and movies, visual effects is a huge part of the production process as it handles details both great and small. A great credit to Game of Thrones is that the story is so good that we forget about the effects, and another great credit goes to the VFX team because their work is seamless. If you want to see the seams, you have to get a visual breakdown of how the shots are put together.
30 Jul 2014 18:47:00
The Evolution Of Video Game Controllers By Javier Laspiur

Javier, who is based in Madrid, appears to predominantly work in photography and illustration, his series of photographs could be said to take inspiration from his current design work with brands such as Playstation.
14 Aug 2014 10:29:00
Game Of Thrones  Stars Take The Ice Bucket Challenge

George R.R. Martin, Lena Headey, Sophie Turner, and other cast and crew of Game of Thrones have faced the winds of winter – or anyway, a bucket of ice water – with the popular charity challenge. HBO’s Game of Thrones gives fans chills in every episode. But as the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS research has exploded across the internet, the cast and crew of the shocking show gave themselves goosebumps as they stepped up to get soaked.

16 Sep 2014 13:58:00
DJ Deadmau5

DJ Deadmau5 arrives at Spike TV's “2011 Video Game Awards” at Sony Studios on December 10, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)
11 Dec 2011 11:37:00
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

A poster advertises the highly anticipated video game, “Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” at a GameStop Corp. store November 6, 2011 in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Video game publisher Activision plans to release the eighth installment in the “Call of Duty” franchise at midnight on November 8. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
07 Nov 2011 11:08:00

“Redneck is a historically derogatory slang term used in reference to poor white farmers in the Southern United States. It is similar in meaning to cracker (especially regarding Georgia and Alabama), hillbilly (especially regarding Appalachia and the Ozarks), and white trash (but without the last term's suggestions of immorality).

The Redneck Games are held in East Dublin, Georgia annually. The games were started by General Manager for WQZY-FM «Y96»; Mac Davis in response to a comment made by the media; that when the 1996 Olympic Games went to Atlanta, it would be held by a group of rednecks”. – Wikipedia

Photo: Barbara “Redneck Queen” Bailey shows the crowd the proper way to do the Bellyflop during the 13th Annual Summer Redneck Games July 11, 2009 in East Dublin, Georgia. Bailey won the event several year running in the 1990s. (Photo by Stephen Morton/Getty Images)
10 Jul 2011 10:55:00