Alfred Könner, “Bilderzoo” by Illustrator Mirko Hanák

Mirko Hanák was born in 1921 in Prague, Czech Republic and worked as a painter, graphic designer and illustrator. His specialties were animals and human figures that were full of life and fun. He also had a firm grasp on composition as his paintings were so well balanced despite his casual fluid line. He was working on “Charlotte's Web” the movie when he tragically died at the height of his career from leukemia in 1971.
18 Mar 2013 10:13:00
Hans Christian Andersen, “The Tinder-Box” by Illustrator Vladislav Erko

Paulo Coehlo calls him the best person to illustrate his books and Warner Brothers studio recognize him as the one of the best fifth illustrators for Harry Potter. Ukrainian illustrator Vladislav Erko.
15 Mar 2013 08:52:00