The Veteran Art Project By Devin Mitchell

Each day as we look in the mirror, we think that we know ourselves. We are used to the image that we see before us, but the mirror can show us much more than we ever hoped to see. Sometimes it only shows basic emotions, while at other times it can highlight the deepest crevices of our soul. If you wish, in the reflection of the mirror you can see your deepest thoughts, masks that you wear every day, your desires, and of course the people that you think about. But are you brave enough to look deep within your soul? Will you dive headlong or shy away from your true image? Those that will muster up the courage necessary will realize it was well worth the effort. (Photo by Devin Mitchell)
30 Nov 2014 12:42:00
The Highland Fusiliers Launch The Scottish Poppy Appeal

Second World War veteran 90 year old William Walker launches the Scottish Poppy Appeal, together with soldiers from the Royal Highland Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland, on October 27, 2011 in Penicuick, Scotland. Mr Walker, who was wounded while serving in Burma in 1943 with the Royal Scots, helped the soldiers form the shape of ninety to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the annual November campaign. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
29 Oct 2011 14:19:00