Sign Language Alphabet Doodles By Alex Solis

Have you ever been interested in the sign language? Surely you’ve always wanted to learn the art of sending a message using just your hands. To help people achieve this goal, Alex Solis has taken a photo of a hand showing each letter of the alphabet. However, this has been done many times before, which is why Alex decided to make each of the photos more interesting by placing little drawn animals and creatures onto each photo. Thanks to these cute little drawings the pictures become very endearing and memorable. All the little creatures blend in seamlessly into the pictures thanks to their well-chosen poses. This project, created by Alex Solis, is very unique and useful, allowing anyone to quickly remember all the listed hand gestures. (Photo by Alex Solis)
08 Jan 2015 14:28:00
Alphabets Photographer By Bela Borsodi

Bela Bordosi is not the first person to arrange various household objects into the shape of the letters and making photos, and he’s definitely not the last. However, the way he does it is definitely very distinct and original. Sure, some photos are most definitely staged. However, some letters just pop out of the picture that doesn’t look staged at all. As if by chance, the items create a vivid “A” in your mind, so vivid that it’s very hard to notice the individual items that were used in the making of this composition. The reason behind it is probably because Bela Bordosi’s other photos are optical illusions created using a similar method. (Photo by Bela Borsodi)
22 Oct 2014 13:41:00