Artist Robert Mickelson is an expert sculptor whose medium of choice happens to be glass. There's something so pure and serene about glass. Perhaps it's the material's transparency coupled with its fragility. Whatever it may be, Mickelson knows how to accentuate the element's most appealing qualities. Each of his life-like sculptural pieces exude realism with a refined quality.

Mickelson's work emulates objects just as well as the human form. Looking through his portfolio, I noticed that the artist appears to have a fascination with recreating various heavy-duty firearms, applying his signature mesh pattern. I think it's equally fascinating as a viewer to take in not only the intricate detail of the “weapons” but the irony of the replicated tool's purpose versus the sculpture's physical strength. Glass can easily shatter, making them the most delicate guns I've ever seen.


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03 Jun 2012 09:29:00