The New York Fashion Week is one of the most trending topics nowadays in the fashion world. This fantastic event happens twice a year, once in February, and next in September. The current version of the event of this February is going on with an entire focus on coming up collections for autumn or winter. You would be able to buy such up-to-the-minute apparels from the premium high street stores like New Look.

Just have a look!

Victoria Beckham Says Bye

Since the last 10 years, Victoria is working with New York Fashion Week and she has been an incredible participant! Now, during this Fashion Week, she gave her last performance while featuring the majestic leopard print for the first time in her career. Now, she is planning to join the London Fashion Week in September. So, we are definitely going to miss her here!

Catwalk: Breast cancer survivors won the game!

This part of the show was simply incredible and unique! There was a mass of breast cancer survivors who were from all age groups, and shapes. They were just taking the whole ambiance by storm on this Sunday. The way they showcased the lingerie designs for women who had gone through any breast injury or mastectomy was simply out of the world.

When it comes to the Cancerland show then the person who took all the hearts away was none other than Mira Sorvino. She has recently blamed Harvey Weinstein for sexually harassing her and degrading her career.

Desmond stole the show

Interestingly, the one who has been a hero in the game is the super kid Desmond!! He won the New York fashion show amazingly. Desmond Napoles is seriously superb. He successfully made a fantastic debut in the world of the catwalk at the just of 10. This amazing LGBT advocate and the smart kid has founded the first drag house for children. He was looking superb in the androgynous outfit while showcasing the patent boots, an awesome ruffled jacket, long polka dot nails, and the amazingly grey colored hair.

Fashion is going to be the future

It was the spectacular show of Philipp Plein which seemed to have just rocked the event. Brooklyn Navy Yard looked amazing in this part of the show like how he never looked before. Next, Shayk took the catwalk to just another level while walking beside a huge, transformer-like robot which was almost twice of her size.

Black Panther rocked

It is true that in the latter part of this week, the expectation is rising at an alarming rate. The whole level of anticipation is going ahead of the Marvel's Black Panther's release. The famous fashion week of the world has not missed it at all!

According to Designer LaQuan Smith, "I wanted to create something that really just connected to the characters and the film…embodying power, and femininity, and strength and sensuality'.

So, this is the New York Fashion Week which is making the world exciting enough now!
26 Feb 2018 15:00:00