Are online casino games all fixed

Short answer: no.

I know, this answer was a little too short, so let me explain in a little more detail.

Imagine tossing a coin. Normally, any normal coin toss has two possible outcomes - heads or tails - with each one having a 50% chance of happening. Ideally, that is, because factors like the force of your finger tossing the coin, gravity, the wind, the moon phase and a passing TARDIS can all influence the outcome of the toss - but I have deviated from the subject.

Basically, in an ideal environment heads will happen as often as tails - they have the same chance of happening. It's all about mathematics - the advanced one, that deals with probabilities. So, while it's possible to toss heads 10 times in a row, on average heads and tails will happen in the same numbers.

The same goes with casino games, but things are a little more complicated. You see, casinos make money off their players (as do all traders, shops and service providers). Of course, their interest is for players to leave them with as much money as possible, so they could fix their games in that way, but it's not in their best interest.

Online gambling is a huge, profitable industry. There are hundreds of operators active on this market, each one with its own offer, bonuses and promotions. Promotions and bonuses are not at the basis of maintaining their paying customers in the long run, though - it's reliability, fairness and quality services. Fixing casino games so that players never win would mean suicide in the long term, so most casinos simply don't do it. (There are scammers, of course, but aren't they present in all other industries?)

Even more, online gambling is one of the most closely monitored and audited industries in the world. They use sophisticated random number generators to decide the outcome of each game, and these are periodically checked by independent specialists for fairness. Even the industry checks itself through a series of organizations that safeguard the safety of the players' personal details and money.

Still not convinced?

Well, online casinos often list their latest winners (along with the amounts they have won) on their websites - this is a good advertising tool, mind you. Let's take an example: Euro Palace, one of my favorite casinos and part of a large group of such operations, has a list with significant wins from all the group here. You can see the list of the latest wins at the casino, as well as significant wins, hot games and more through this section.

Or even better - visit the Net Entertainment homepage. NetEnt is a developer of online casino games, and maintains a network of progressive jackpot games (ones that all contribute to the same prize pool, across several online casinos). On this webpage you can find news about the latest progressive jackpot wins in their casinos - life-changing amounts, I must say.

Still not convinced? Well, in this case my only advice to you is to register at an online casino and see for yourself...

14 May 2014 07:28:00