홍진영 (Hong Jin Young) – 내 사랑 (My Love) – Korean

신세대 트로트 박무진 – 달라달라

신세대 트로트 박무진 – 달라달라 – Korean

Ансамбль цыганской песни и романса “Изумруд” (Ensemble of a Gipsy song and romance “Emerald”) – Романс “Дорогой длинною” (Romance “Road long”) – Russian

P.S. If it is interesting to you – the romance is written in Russia approximately in 1920. Certainly, Roma to this romance have no relation. Russian sang approximately so:

Александр Вертинский Дорогой длинной

Александр Вертинский (Alexander Vertinsky) – Дорогой длинной (Romance “Road long”) – Russian

And now question. WHY I united these different songs?
05 Nov 2012 16:56:00