The two lion cubs singing their hearts out  at Antelope park in Zimbabwe. (Photo by David Jenkins/Caters News Agency)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and these striking images of 2017 are no exception. The photo highlights include incredible snapshots of the natural world as well as some awesome animal and human encounters. The vibrant gallery also shows thrill-seekers pushing themselves to the limit with breathtaking stunts captured in perfect clarity. The pictures have been taken by a host of photographers from around the world. Here: The two lion cubs singing their hearts out at Antelope park in Zimbabwe. (Photo by David Jenkins/Caters News Agency)
03 Jan 2018 07:27:00
The powerful erupting volcano. (Photo by Luc Perrot/Caters News)

The photos were taken at the Piton de la Fournaise volcano on Reunion Island, a French island in the Indian Ocean one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Here: The powerful erupting volcano. (Photo by Luc Perrot/Caters News)
01 Feb 2016 13:21:00
Amazon tablet Kindle Fire

The new Amazon tablet called the Kindle Fire is displayed on September 28, 2011 in New York City. The Fire, which will be priced at $199, is an expanded version of the company's Kindle e-reader that has 8GB of storage and WiFi. The Fire gives users access to streaming video, as well as e-books, apps and music, and has a Web browser. In addition to the Fire, Bezos introduced four new Kindles including a Kindle touch model. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
29 Sep 2011 11:03:00

Woody Allen may not be your first pick to win a boxing match, but in this clip of the director, Allen totally outclasses a kangaroo in the ring.
31 Dec 2012 23:59:00
The new MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro is shown during the keynote address at the Apple 2012 World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) at Moscone West on June 11, 2012 in San Francisco, California. This is Apple’s latest flagship laptop featuring an updated processor and a super high resolution screen that features 5.1 million pixels – 3 million more than a typical high-definition television.
13 Jun 2012 10:10:00

Cole Yeoman steps over a large crack along River Road, Avonside on February 25, 2011 in Christchurch, New Zealand. The death toll has risen to 113 and the hope for finding survivors is fading as rescuers search through debris for over 200 still missing following a 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck Christchurch on Tuesday. The quake, which was an aftershock of a 7.1 magnitude quake that struck the South Island city on September 4, 2010, has seen damage and fatalities far exceeding those of the original. (Photo by Martin Hunter/Getty Images). CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND – FEBRUARY 25
06 Mar 2011 13:00:00
Yonex All England Badminton Open Championship 2011

Imogen Bankier of Scotland (L) and Chris Adcock of England in action during their round one mixed doubles match in the Yonex All England Badminton Open Championship on March 9, 2011 in Birmingham, England.
09 Mar 2011 20:59:00

“With a fourth explosion rocking the Fukushima nuclear plant on Tuesday, danger of the spent nuke fuel pool boiling and radiation levels at the facility's gate increasing hundredfold, fears of a meltdown in Japan skyrocket”. – Russia Today

Photo: In this handout image provided by U.S. Navy, an aerial view of tsunami and earthquake damage is seen from an SH-60B helicopter assigned to the Chargers of Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron (HS) 14 from Naval Air Facility Atsugi March 12, 2011 seen from the air of Sendai, Japan. (Photo by U.S. Navy via Getty Images)
16 Mar 2011 10:19:00