Greenland Reflection By Michael Quinn

From my travels to Scoresby Sund, Greenland 2012. Lately I have been reflecting upon my trip and my captures of reflections. Michael Quinn
15 Dec 2013 13:31:00
Hong Kong By Michael Wolf

The focus of the german photographer michael wolf's work is life in mega cities. Many of his projects document the architecture and the vernacular culture of metropolises. Wolf grew up in Canada, Europe and the United States, studying at UC Berkeley and at the Folkwang School with Otto Steinert in Essen, Germany. He moved to Hong Kong in 1994 where he worked for 8 years as contract photographer for Stern magazine. Since 2001, Wolf has been focusing on his own projects, many of which have been published as books.
23 Jan 2013 12:02:00
Michael Quinn By Pathways in Arches

Images from my travels with John Paul Caponigro in the spring of 2011. During that week JP inspired me to create this body of work. This is my path, my pathways in arches.

Michael Quinn
18 Dec 2013 14:11:00
Realistic Paintings By Michael Zavros

Michael Zavros is an Australian realist painter. Michael Zavros is one of Australia’s most significant younger realist painters. He is fascinated by beauty and his subjects include leaping and falling horses, men in suits, high fashion, classical mythology and French neo-classical architecture. Every single one of his art pieces looks amazing !Just keep in mind that all the images published here are paintings !
07 Jul 2015 12:14:00
Hunt started working as Michael Jackson after receiving compliments at a Halloween party in his hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. His Michael Jackson is from the 2000s, and like a true lookalike, he uses mannerisms and a voice that he’s styled after Michael Jackson when interacting with his audiences. After working in Las Vegas, he returned to Fort Worth and finds work as an actor. (Photo and caption by Lorena Turner)

“Michael Jackson, the performer, consistently transcended racial and gender perceptions; Michael Jackson tribute artists, impersonators and lookalikes reflect this in that they embody a wide span of inspiration and intention. The current crop of impersonators are people who take great care in their appearance – some spend a lot of money and time on their make up and clothing, while others are more concerned with the physical gestures associated with his dances while expressing very little concern in the creation of an illusion”. – Lorena Turner. (Photo and caption by Lorena Turner)
17 Jun 2015 08:09:00
Optical Illusions By Michael Hughes

Michael Hughes creates cool optical illusions by placing cheap souvenirs in front of famous landmarks. Michael has discovered the technique back in 1998 when he held up a postcard he bought for his daughter on the tourist platform at the Lorelei cliffs next to the river Rhine. “I was amazed because it just seemed to fill a massive grey hole that was in the sky and it was the exact position the photographer had taken the picture from,” said Michael to Daily Mail.
14 Dec 2013 11:35:00
Michael Bosanko By Light Artist

Light painting photographer Michael Bosanko has been capturing light since 2004. He discovered light painting on accident, Michael says this of his moment of discovery, “the moon formed part of the scene, but the camera shake caused the moon to make a streak.

18 Feb 2013 10:45:00
“Lightning Flash Photography”. Alstonville, New South Wales, Australia – January 8, 2003. (Photo by Michael Bath/Caters News)

Michael Bath, from McLeans Ridges in New South Wales, Australia, estimates that in his lifetime he has taken more than 3,500 images of lightning bolts illuminating the sky. Photo: Alstonville, New South Wales, Australia – January 8, 2003. (Photo by Michael Bath/Caters News)
04 Apr 2014 11:44:00