Meet Garfi, The Angriest Cat On The Internet

Internet is filled to the brim with cat pictures and cat videos. It seems that cats became the symbol of the internet. For some unknown reason, cat owners simply love taking pictures of their beloved kitty-cats and posting them on the internet for all to see. Everyone’s cat is special; however, some are more special than others. Take Garfi for example. As soon as you catch his menacing stare, you immediately realize the reason why this kitty became popular. The look he gives you would send shivers down anybody’s spine. Yeah, the look Garfi has is somewhat special, but nothing will compare to the “facial expression” of Tard – the Grumpy Cat! A look that screams – “All is lost! Life has no meaning…”. (Photo by Hulya Ozkok)
22 Oct 2014 13:49:00