Luna Lee – Mary Had A Little Lamb Gayageum cover
19 May 2013 12:57:00
Music instruments made of car parts

Musicians from the Academy of Contemporary Music play using instruments made of car parts during a photocall on April 16, 2008 in London, England. Ford's unique orchestra made up entirely of Ford Focus car parts. (Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)
27 Sep 2011 14:35:00
Wax figures with torture instrument named “torture-rack” are seen on October 25, 2014 in Huai'an, Jiangsu province of China. The exhibition, which opened last year at an educational center in the eastern city of Huai'an, includes reenactments of prisoners being hung over a fire, flayed and being tortured on what is known as a “Tiger Bench” – pictured above – a Qing dynasty (1644-1912) device that contorted victims' legs and arms in high pressure positions that could break bones or tear apart joints. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress)

Organizers of an exhibition of ancient instruments of torture in Huai'an, Jiangsu province, have suggested that children, heart disease patients and people with high blood pressure stay away because of the vivid depictions of shocking cruelty. The exhibition has more than 200 instruments of torture on display in the 50,000-square-meter exhibition halls of a restored ancient building. Wax figures, along with sound and light techniques, are incorporated for scary effect. The local government said the exhibition is for tourists and historians to research ancient torture practices. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress)
29 Oct 2014 12:22:00
Inside Instruments By Bjoern Ewers And  Mierswa Kluska

This print campaign for the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra uses macro photographs taken inside the cramped spaces of instruments making the inner workings of a violin, cello, flute, and pipe organ appear vast and spacious, almost as if you could walk around inside them. So wonderfully done. Art directed by photographer Bjoern Ewers, you can see more over on Behance.
22 Feb 2013 15:16:00
29 Jun 2015 12:06:00

Over 60 minutes of meditation, anti-stress music to sleep and study!
14 Jun 2015 11:19:00
iHeartRadio Music Festival, Steven Tyler, Nicole Scherzinger

Singers Steven Tyler (L) and Nicole Scherzinger perform onstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 24, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Clear Channel)
25 Sep 2011 11:20:00

Singer Rihanna performs onstage during the 2011 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena May 22, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for ABC)
23 May 2011 07:50:00