Paints With Shadows And Light By Rashad Alakbarov

The Azerbaijan-based artist’s mixed-media installations include pieces entitled “Looking at two cities from one point of view”, “Plastik portret” and “Crisis haha”. Alakbarov carefully positions multicolored acrylic planes, packaging materials, and other objects of assorted shapes and then projects light upon then to create shadow images of beautiful beaches, cities, people, and even words.
08 Jun 2014 08:46:00
Hi everyone!
Today with this post we'd like to start a new tradition on AvaxNews. I'm sure you know what Instagram is, most of you have Instagram gallery of your wonderful photos. In return we are ready to place your brilliant photos on our brilliant website. Of course there will be the owner's name and link to Instagram profile.

Haifa, Israel, May 2013
19 May 2013 10:23:00