The 3D illustrations By Joao Carvalho

The illustrations created by Joao Carvalho are not just simple 3D drawings. By making it look as if various characters were drawn on regular note book paper, Joao fools our minds into thinking that the flat objects we see on the picture are actually 3-dimentional. To create these pieces of art, Joao first draws the lines of the “notebook” paper already bent, as if they stretch over the object that is about to be drawn. Then he applies shading and his masterpiece is all done! By looking at his pictures it is almost impossible to view them not as simple 2D drawings, but as real 3D objects. (Photo by Joao Desenhos)
16 Nov 2014 12:08:00
3D Models By Rebeca Puebla

One glance at the 3D models created by Rebeca Puebla is enough to realize that this artist has a soft spot for BDSM. The finely detailed model of a nun with heavily tattooed hands and a ball gag in her mouth or an Asian woman in a latex suit of a horse leave no doubt about it. At first, Rebeca Puebla has started out as a traditional illustrator. However, in later years she became a 3D character artist for films, TV, and video games. Though she has many regular-looking 3D models and illustrations, many of her works are quite controversial featuring 3D models of ladies in latex suits or wearing Nazi uniforms. (Photo by Rebeca Puebla)
26 Oct 2014 12:09:00
Ramon Bruin’s 3D illustration of two twins drawing each other. (Photo by Ramon Bruin/Medavia)

Armed with only paper, graphite and coloured pencils – plus his vivid imagination – the artist creates remarkable drawings that leap from the page when photographed. The 32-year-old, from Alkmaar in Holland, began experimenting with anamorphic 3D drawing five years ago. Photo: Ramon Bruin’s 3D illustration of two twins drawing each other. (Photo by Ramon Bruin/Medavia)
28 Jul 2014 11:10:00
Organic Geometry By Tom Beddard

Edinburgh-based physicist-turned-web-designer Tom Beddard was inspired by geometry to create these virtual Fabergé fractals – made up of self-repeating patterns, so that structures within the object resemble the whole. “Within a 3D fractal, there is infinite detail”, says Beddard, 37. “The closer you zoom in, the more structure is revealed”. Beddard rendered the fractals using WebGL, a technology used to animate 3D scenes in a browser.
25 Jul 2014 12:14:00
3D Prints The Wheel Of Llife Skeletal By Monika Horcicova

Monika Horčicová is a Czech sculptor/installation artist who constructs human skeletons with 3-D printing in a very surreal juxtaposition. Many of her structures presents itself through a repetitive cycling pattern as well as experimental evolved mutations.
07 Jul 2014 13:44:00
3D Drawings by Muhammad Ejleh

Syrian artist Muhammad Ejleh has been spending his personal time while studying architectural design to work on his 3D drawings. Using only a sketchpad and pencils, the 20-year-old-student manages to make his characters and architecture pop out of the page.
09 Jan 2014 11:39:00
Robbie Cooper - Immersion

Robbie Cooper is a British artist working in photography, video and 3D. In 2008 he began his project ‘Immersion’ in which he filmed people’s faces as they watched TV, played video games and using the internet. His images have been of interest to me because they link to how playing video games affects your behaviour out of the game. I think that there is a definite link between gaming and behaviour. I think violent games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty do affect behaviour and can be linked to criminality.
22 Sep 2013 12:21:00