Artist and photographer Carl Warner began his career in landscape and still photography, working many years in the advertising industry. Seeking new inspiration and direction one day, he happened upon a market with Portobello mushrooms that reminded him of trees from an alien world. This would become his first foodscape and the start of a new and exciting direction in his career.
08 Oct 2013 09:27:00
Fake Food Hatanaka

Japanese manufacturer Fake Food Hatanaka had the idea to combine the two to create a line of fashion accessories, strange and twisted! From the Fries/Ketchup hairclip to the Pizza bread necklace through the Cheeseburger pendant, the bacon & eggs headbands or even spaghetti bolognaise earrings and necklace sausages, here is some ultra-realistic and WTF Japanese gadgets to turn Fake Food / Fast Food into fashion accessory!
15 Aug 2013 11:01:00
Art Toast Project By Ida Skivenes

Many parents know the stubborn reluctance of children to start breakfast, and adults themselves sometimes miss the morning meal. But the situation would look very different if they had the opportunity every day to enjoy the mouth-watering pictures on the plates, which are of conventional products creates by Ida Skivenes.

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29 Apr 2013 10:02:00
Lunches At A Korean Private School

When this school got a new principal who ate in the cafeteria, the lunch menu improved drastically..
13 Apr 2013 11:33:00

Hong Yi is a Malaysian architect and artist whose impressive portfolio includes work for Chicago’s Union Station, the Melbourne Hall of Music, and alternative medium portraits using coffee stains or tea bags. Her unorthodox approach to creation has led her to her most recent blog project. Over the course of 31 days, Hong Yi (who also goes by Red) will post art pieces made from food. So far, the pieces range from simpler ones of a watermelon sailboat to a complex recreation of Hokusai’s “The Great Wave.”
29 Mar 2013 10:31:00