“Gustav Vigeland (11 April 1869 – 12 March 1943) was a Norwegian sculptor. Gustav Vigeland occupies a special position among Norwegian sculptors, both in the power of his creative imagination and in his productivity. He is most associated with Vigeland Sculpture Park (Vigelandsanlegget) in Oslo.

In 1921 the City of Oslo decided to demolish the house where Vigeland lived and build a library. After a long dispute, Vigeland was granted a new building from the city where he could work and live: in exchange, he promised to donate to the city all his subsequent works, including sculptures, drawings, engravings and models.

Vigeland moved to his new studio on Nobels gate in the borough of Frogner during 1924. His studio was located in the vicinity of Frogner Park, which he had chosen as the definitive location for his fountain. Over the following twenty years, Vigeland was devoted to the project of an open exhibition of his works, which later turned into what is known as Vigeland Sculpture Park in Frogner Park. The Vigeland Sculpture Park covers 80 acres (320,000 m²) and features 212 bronze and granite sculptures all designed by Gustav Vigeland”. – Wikipedia

Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park Joy Of Youth

Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park Masculine Love

Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park Reluctant Father

Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park Fatherly Love

Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park Father And Son

Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park Erotic Art

Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park

A little boy walks beside a row of sculptures in the Adolf Gustav Vigeland Park, formerly Frogner Park, Oslo. The park contains almost 200 sculptures representing different stages in a human life. (Photo by Haywood Magee/Picture Post/Getty Images). 30th April 1949
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