Cat Bags By Pico

These cat hand bags are painstakingly crafted by Pico, a Japanese housewife who loves cats. The difficulty in making these bags means that they often aren’t available, and when they are, they’re only sold on Yahoo! Auction Japan. How much do bags like these go for? The three-color cat below ended up selling for about 700 USD!
21 Oct 2015 09:02:00
Loki Dracula Cat

A cat Loki with a pair of distinctive fangs has quickly become one of the most famous felines on Instagram thanks to evil-looking face. Loki, who now has more than 23,000 followers online, was adopted from a cat shelter by her owner Kaet, who explained on in a posting that she knows very little about the cat’s distinctive appearance. Adopted from a cat shelter, nothing was mentioned to his owner Kaet about her kitten's unique features.
23 Aug 2015 09:16:00
Gary The Hipster Cat

The seven-year-old moggy has even been nicknamed Heisenpurrg - a reference to the Breaking Bad character Heisenberg who also sports a goatee. Owner Charlene Dahilig has owned Gary since he was three-weeks-old and he wandered into her backyard in Sacramento, California.
11 Jun 2015 09:38:00
Dillon The Blind Cat

Dillon was born in the spring of 2013. He lived for four months on the streets near Boston, MA before being scooped up by the Animal Rescue League of Boston.
11 Sep 2014 13:52:00
This Dog Was Raised By Cats

Tally the husky does not act like a normal dog. She was raised with cats so she has picked up some very cat-like mannerisms. Her owner, a reddit user, posted these photos of her and she’s become a bit of a celebrity.
28 May 2014 08:46:00

When The Dog And Cat Stays At Home Alone
18 Mar 2014 13:26:00