Rip Cord Tape

There are so many little, seemingly simple, yet ingenious things that make our life so much simpler. Take scotch tape for example. It’s just a roll of thin plastic film that is sticky on one side, yet how much simpler it made the packaging process of various goods! However, the removal of scotch tape, now there is a problem. Unless you have something sharp, it’s nearly impossible to tear it. To combat this, a brand new product has come out. Rip cord tape – is a regular scotch tape combined with a rip cord. The manufacturer of this product claims that it will make the removal of scotch tape much easier. However, when we look at the pictures, we realize, that yes, the rip cord will remove the middle of the scotch tape; however, the sides will remain in place! This will once again present a problem during the removal process.
09 Nov 2014 09:09:00
Scotch Tape by Wes Naman

Photographer Wes Naman has created portraits of his friends using Scotch Tape to distort their features. The results are similar to Scottish artist Douglas Gordon's 1997 work, Monster, but Wes says he originally got the idea after applying tape to himself to test a lighting rig set-up. Wes Naman has been a self taught photographer of ten years before graduating from commercial photography in his home in North Carolina. (Photo by Wes Naman/Rex Features)
21 Dec 2012 10:00:00