Lexani Motorcars Presented Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Lexani Motorcars, proudly showcases its Mercedes-Benz Sprinter L5-B van with a full-size bedroom option for sleeping comfort on the road. Lexani receives compliments worldwide for their work. World famous brand of producing luxury vehicles held its position more than a decade.
12 Mar 2013 11:38:00
Becker Auto Design Cadillac Escalade ESV

Becker Automotive Design presents a day in the life of the Becker Cadillac Escalade ESV
The journey begins with the most capable platform on the road today. Cadillac’s Escalade ESV is simply the best built, most reliable, spacious and versatile vehicle suited to our customers’ mission. That mission, of course, is adding productivity – and time – to their busy day, in unequalled safety and comfort. Only Becker transforms a winning Cadillac platform to give Becker ESV owners the greatest luxury of all: gaining useful, productive time
27 Feb 2013 13:28:00
The Longcroft Luxury Hotel

An exclusive luxury all-suite hotel property featuring five-star service and fine gourmet dining has just opened in north of London. What makes this property uniquely exclusive is that prospective hotel guests are required to possess whiskers, claws and speak only the language of Meow and Mew. Indeed, the new Longcroft Hotel is for cats only.
29 Oct 2012 11:41:00