Mini Cooper Boxes In Amsterdam

Mini Amsterdam has launched a promotion campaign for their brand new creation Mini Copper. The idea is that Mini Copper is so small that it could fit in a box. Thus, as part of the promotion campaign, huge cardboard boxes were left in various popular placed of Amsterdam, making it look as if someone has bought a Mini Copper and thrown out the cardboard box it came in. Of course it is simply a commercial; however, it clearly illustrates just how small the Mini Copper really is. This is a perfect vehicle to handle narrow streets and lack of parking space. Truly, this vehicle could be parked just about anywhere! (Photo by JWT)
21 Oct 2014 11:56:00
 Mini Coca-Cola In Mini Kiosk

Coca-cola mini kiosks by ogilvy & mather Berlin promote tiny coke cans. To promote the launch of its tiny coke cans, coca-cola and advertising agency ogilvy & mather berlin deployed and installed a series of miniature kiosks throughout five different major cities in Germany.
12 Sep 2014 09:59:00