RHL Beach Race At Weston

If you love dirt bikes and live in England, then there is no doubt that you’ve heard about RHL Weston Beach Race that takes place in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset. In the beginning, this race was organized by a few avid bikers sponsored by local businessmen. However, after a while, this event has gained traction, and now as many as one hundred thousand people come to take part in this race. In order to accommodate all the contestants, a whole beach in converted into one gigantic race track. The noise created by such a mass of dirt bikes can be heard for miles; however, this is a small price to pay for all the fun the people are having.
27 Feb 2015 03:35:00
Upside Down Race Car By Jeff Bloch Aka SpeedyCop

An American inventor has built a unique upside-down racecar – and successfully taken it on a 24-hour spin around the LeMons track. Jeff Bloch – also known as SpeedyCop – built his upside down 1999 Chevrolet Camaro by combining it with a decrepit 1990 Ford Festiva. To enter the latest LeMons race the car had to cost less than $500, which Bloch achieved by picking a Festiva model with a worn-out 1.3-litre engine and more than 300,000 kilometres on the clock.
03 Dec 2013 09:47:00