The alligator trying to crack the turtles tough shell

The alligator trying to crack the turtles tough shell. These incr-edible pictures by Patrick Castleberry capture a real-life mutant ninja turtles hardy victory over a mighty ALLIGATOR during an exhaustive battle of brute strength.
28 Mar 2015 09:34:00
Illustrations by Fabo

The irresistibly adorable art of artist Fabo has been enchanting users for years. Fabo adds a touch of cuteness to his creations that makes them simply impossible to ignore.

07 Oct 2012 08:28:00
Illustration By Asaf Hanuka

Asaf Hanuka is an Israeli illustrator and comic book artist, notable for his collaborations with his identical twin brother Tomer and his work with Etgar Keret in both Hebrew and English.
29 Sep 2013 11:17:00
Paper Illustrations By Eiko Ojalai

llustrations created with paper and collage has become really trendy and the reason is because it's really awesome. Playing with layers of paper and the depth created by the shadows make this artworks much more alive thank if it was just flat colors. Eiko Ojala has great examples in his portfolio that deserved to be featured here on Abduzeedo.
05 May 2014 10:36:00
Whimsical Illustrations By Javier Perez

Ecuador-based illustrator and art director Javier Pérez has been posting a fun series of photo illustrations over on his Instagram account. The simple ideas mix everyday objects with line drawings, creating balloons out of grapes, porcupine quills out of nails, or light bulbs out of balloons
29 Oct 2013 09:28:00
Awesome illustrations By Creative Mints

Hi! My name is Mike. I’m a graphic designer from Prague with 12 years of experience. I love the web and I thrive off of using its full potential to complete business challenges.

Creative Mints
21 Dec 2013 11:28:00
Illustration by Chase Stone

Chase Stone has been working as a freelance illustrator and concept artist for several years. His work has been featured at the Society of Illustrators and in various publications such as 2dartist Magazine, Digital Masters, and Digital Painting Techniques. Stone now lives and works in NYC.
24 Feb 2014 12:26:00
Illustrations By Chow Hon Lam

Chow Hon Lam aka Flying Mouse, a tee shirt designer/illustrator from Malaysia. Chow just completed his personal project called Flying Mouse 365, which is create 1 design a day, 365 designs a year.
10 Mar 2014 11:55:00