Fake Food Hatanaka

Japanese manufacturer Fake Food Hatanaka had the idea to combine the two to create a line of fashion accessories, strange and twisted! From the Fries/Ketchup hairclip to the Pizza bread necklace through the Cheeseburger pendant, the bacon & eggs headbands or even spaghetti bolognaise earrings and necklace sausages, here is some ultra-realistic and WTF Japanese gadgets to turn Fake Food / Fast Food into fashion accessory!
15 Aug 2013 11:01:00
“I’m not scared of breaking the fourth wall”, Wallace has said of the photos where the subject is clearly aware of him taking the shot. “If they are looking at you in a photograph most photographers will think, oh, that’s not a good image. (But) people like to be involved and in the picture. You can see what they are thinking, see them talking”. (Photo by Dougie Wallace/The Guardian)

In Dougie Wallace’s photos of Mumbai taxis, the chatter, yelling, and constant horns of the city are almost audible. A selection of his images is on show at Gayfield Creative Spaces, Edinburgh, as part of the Retina photography festival until 30 July. For four years, the Glasgow-born Wallace focused his photos on one kind of taxi in particular: the Premier Padmini, a 1960s workhorse painted in black and yellow. Locally known as “Kaali-Peeli”, there were once more than 60,000 of them in the Indian city. But thanks to laws restricting pollution, the cars now are fast disappearing from Mumbai’s streets. (Photo by Dougie Wallace/The Guardian)
13 Jul 2016 13:50:00
NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar

New York to photograph some of the city’s best-humored taxi drivers. These drivers put a face to one of the most dedicated workforces in NYC, driving day and night to transport New Yorkers and our guests alike. This year’s calendar features three returning All-Stars and 8 new drivers, and debuts our first ever husband and wife driving duo.
03 Oct 2014 10:43:00
The designers are encouraged to speak to the driver they are designing for, develop a relationship and work from there: “One can’t tell the story of the other if they don’t know one-another”, they say. (Photo by Sandesh Parulkar/Taxi Fabric/The Guardian)

India’s classic Ambassador taxis and juddery auto rickshaws are iconic sights in the cities of the subcontinent. In Mumbai, one project has been using them as canvases for Indian graphic designers, giving them the opportunity to design new interiors for the vehicles. (Photo by Taxi Fabric/The Guardian)
06 Feb 2016 12:50:00
Fake Сrippled In China

Low economic conditions in China’s urban areas have sparked an increase of beggars faking disabilities in an attempt to gain more money. Cities like Shanghai and Hong Kong are littered with naive tourists who are more than willing to hand over a few yen to anyone appearing to be handicapped in anyway.
28 May 2015 06:27:00
DeLorean NYC Taxi

A clever PR stunt envisioned by art director Mike Lubrano who got the idea to convert the famous DeLorean DMC-12 from “Back to the Future” into a classic New York yellow cab. The goal would be to communicate the futuristic philosophy of fashion brand Nooka and to carry the message “Experience the Future”
08 Apr 2014 13:38:00
Fake Game-to-Film Posters
by themadbutcher

Artist mockups of movies based on popular video games.
10 Aug 2012 01:50:00
Little squirrel in Minsk worked with the taxi driver

Belarusian soldiers found a little squirrel two years ago. The little baby squirrel was just about to die but the officer of the team Peter Pankraty start feeding and taking care of it. The squirrel survived and two years later it just refuses to be separated by its saviour. Now Peter is taxi driver and squirrel Minsk makes him a good company through the entire shift. He uses the squirrel as an attraction and even promotes the tax at his taxi as “Just 45 cents and a few nuts per km”.
04 Oct 2012 08:46:00