Million Dollar Car Graveyard (Video)

Michael Fröhlich's Jowett Javelin rotting car in his forest sculpture park in Neandertal Germany, September 11, 2016. An eccentric artist has collected fifty vintage cars and left them to rot in a forest – and now they're worth over $1 million.
31 Oct 2016 23:22:00
Truck Drivers Around The World Andrey Gordeev Imagination

Andrey Gordeev is Russian artist who has found amazing idea how to create something different and out of the box. He decided to imagine how it would look if he would be traveling all around the world and then, he put that on paper.
26 Jan 2013 12:54:00

In a world first, a dog drives a car completely by himself on a racetrack in New Zealand. The dog, named Monty, has trained for more than two months to drive the modified car in a project aimed at increasing pet adoption from animal shelters. The giant schnauzer drives the Mini 70 metres and even changes gears
13 Dec 2012 12:17:00
Little squirrel in Minsk worked with the taxi driver

Belarusian soldiers found a little squirrel two years ago. The little baby squirrel was just about to die but the officer of the team Peter Pankraty start feeding and taking care of it. The squirrel survived and two years later it just refuses to be separated by its saviour. Now Peter is taxi driver and squirrel Minsk makes him a good company through the entire shift. He uses the squirrel as an attraction and even promotes the tax at his taxi as “Just 45 cents and a few nuts per km”.
04 Oct 2012 08:46:00